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It’s not just digital transformation.
It’s a shift in your digital DNA.

Evolve skill sets to stay agile.

Real digital transformation occurs when people and organizations collectively align their mindsets towards the future, and not just retrofit for the present. Cognixia is committed to driving and influencing this mindset to fundamentally change the enterprise and its digital DNA. Whether it’s upgrading your workforce in tomorrow’s technologies or delivering digital-ready talent to hire, Cognixia can help you get ahead of the technology curve.

Upskill your existing workforce with our digital training solutions
Hire digitally native talent to solve your digital needs
Rewire by Cognixia

Align your workforce to tomorrow’s trends.

It isn’t enough to just provide the right skills to your employees – it is imperative to teach and promote digital thinking, along with a mindset geared towards tomorrow’s technologies. As your partner in digital transformation, Cognixia provides customized, interactive training to enhance and upgrade your workforce in any emerging technology you require. This is what we call the digital rewire.

Full team of industry
veterans as trainers

Customized training solutions to suit the needs of companies

24/7 support for learners anywhere in the world


JUMP by Cognixia

Find your future thought leaders.

Sourcing, evaluating, hiring, onboarding and training talent is a big investment of time and money for any enterprise. With JUMP by Cognixia, we hire digitally native talent, train them on emerging technologies, and deploy them to your site as a full-time consultant so you don’t have to. We are committed to delivering a future-proof, digital-ready workforce through our customizable training programs.

How do we select JUMP candidates?

Mindset Assessments


  • Engaged students in specific projects during training that would help the organization build on it post-hiring
  • Provided soft-skills and individual behavior training
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