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What is JUMP?

JUMP aids bridging the skill gap in the market by training students in the latest technologies and helping organizations hire the trained talent into their workforce to boost their digital transformation journey.

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Mainframe Technologies
JuMP Advantage

JUMP Advantage

  • Training in next-gen technologies that will shape the businesses of tomorrow
  • Projects based on real-life scenarios for practical exposure
  • Training from industry practitioners to improve your soft skills for success
  • Guidance in delivering awesome capstone projects incorporating latest technologies
  • Learn directly from industry experts about the best practices and latest nuances
  • Get placed at top organizations upon successful completion of training and assessment


Kash Tare

“It’s been an incredible opportunity to receive industry-specific, cutting-edge training through Cognixia! I highly recommend all new graduates apply to the JuMP program!”

Kash Tare
Walter Salmeron

“What attracted me about the JUMP program and Collabera/Coginixa as a whole was how the training program was tailor-made to what’s booming in the tech industry currently. I was reassured that I made the right decision for my career when I saw the amount I’ve learned in such a short time, and the genuine care I felt from the coordinators of the program in my career as an up-and-coming professional.”

Walter Salmeron