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The demand for qualified tech professionals continues to outpace supply, a gap that will only continue to widen in the coming years. Furthermore, the pace of technological innovation has made it extremely difficult for academic institutions to keep their IT curriculum current. This affects not only  students who need this training to succeed, but also affects companies who are desperate for qualified technology hires.  These factors led Cognixia, a leading digital transformation and training company, to bridge this gap with the Junior Mentorship program (JUMP).

Designed to deliver fully vetted, industry-ready talent, JUMP provides students customizable technology training on the latest, cutting-edge platforms. Cognixia sources eligible and eager-to-learn graduates from prestigious academic institutions across the country into JUMP. Participating companies concurrently share their hiring needs and skills desired with Cognixia, and curriculum is often customized to meet constantly changing business requirements. Paired with the industry expert instructors, students go through intensive training and assessments to be up-to-speed and productive for partner companies on day one. They graduate and get to work for the best companies in the world.

Universities place students faster. Students have security and are paid to learn. And companies get qualified technology employees who are ready to immediately deliver results.

Why choose JUMP?

Designed to deliver fully vetted, industry-ready talent, training on the latest, cutting-edge technology platforms. After intensive training and assessments, students graduate with the necessary skills to step in an immediately help companies with complex technology challenges.

Expertise In Emerging Technologies

Expertise in Emerging Technologies

Expert instructors train students on the latest technology and how to apply it to real world working scenarios.

Customizable Curriculum

Customizable Curriculum

Training is adjusted to specifically meet the business needs of partner companies intent on hiring JUMP talent

Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training

Sessions devoted to the development of interpersonal and communication skills

Capstone Projects

Capstone Projects

Structure that encourages students to deliver innovative applications of skills they acquire during coursework

Practical Assessments

Practical assessments

Performance evaluation of knowledge based on real-life business scenarios

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