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Why Partner with JUMP?

Designed to deliver fully vetted, industry-ready talent, JUMP trainings are customizable based on the need of your organization and changes in the market. These factors, coupled with the best technology trainers in the industry, results in new hires that are up-to-speed and productive on day one.

  • JUMP helps bridge the gap between academic skills and working skills
  • JUMP is constantly innovating, learning, and introducing new curriculum based on industry trends and customer needs.
  • This is where JUMP steps in and bridges the gap for organizations to get industry-ready trained and vetted workforce, fully equipped for high level projects.
  • JUMP students are sourced from top academic institutions across the country
  • JUMP Students are vetted, trained, and ready to be deployed and productive upon graduation.

Our Difference

  • 20+ years of IT experience
  • 60+ Training Centers around the world (27 in US, 37 International)
  • 1 million+ professionals trained across 250+ different courses
  • 130,000+ professional placements in industry leading companies
  • Adaptable curriculum based on customer needs
  • Focus on soft-skills development
  • 24-7 access to course instructors